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Hands-On Gloves’ head office is located at Woodbridge, north west of Toronto. We have sales offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec. We looked for a change after carefully reviewing gloves in the market place. We found that they were expensive, had a low quality and a lack of innovation. Hands-on Gloves Inc. has a high consistent quality value marketed under the brand name of Hands-On Gloves “Safety That Fits”. Hands-On Gloves offer Premium Quality disposable gloves for the medical, dental, industrial, food, laboratory, safety, veterinary, auto, law enforcement industry, body art and other industries.


Hands-On Gloves is the leader in Quality Hand Protection for Professionals and other work establishments globally.


Hands-On Gloves works hard to be recognized as the leader in Premium Quality Hand Protection with outstanding services, we are working to improve our high standards and innovations.


“Safety that Fits’’ is our Company motto. We strive to ensure a proper fit for your safe protection. We have performed test fittings on all sizing, to provide the soft comfort fit you need for your protection.

Customer Service

We are very attentive to our customers’ needs and pay very close attention to details. Our Customer Service and Sales team representatives will work with you and offer you the knowledge you need about our products. Our Quick response to all calls are dealt with immediately and orders are shipped out upon confirmation. We offer same day delivery within the Greater Toronto area.