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Chemical Resistance Chart

This Chemical Resistance Chart is intended to provide general information about the reactions of different glove materials to the chemicals listed. This information is based upon published research data. Hands-On Gloves have not been individually tested against these chemicals. Variability in glove thickness, chemical concentration, temperature and length of exposure to chemicals will affect the performance.


This information should be used for reference purpose only. User must proceed with caution when handling these chemicals.

Chemicals Latex Nitrile
Acetic Acid Very Good Very Good
Ammonium Hydroxide Very Good Very Good
Aniline Fair Not Recommended
Acetonitrile Fair Good
Butyl Acetate Fair Not Recommended
Butyl Alcohol Very Good Very Good
Carbon Disulfide Fair Fair
Castor Oil Not Recommended Very Good
Chloronaphthalene Not Recommended Fair
Chromic Acid ( 50% ) Not Recommended Fair
Citric Acid ( 10% ) Very Good Very Good
Cyclohexanol Fair Very Good
Diesel Fuel Not Recommended Very Good
Diisobutyl Ketone ( DIBK ) Fair Not Recommended
Dimethylfomamide Fair Good
Dioctyl Phtalate Not Recommended Very Good
Dioxane Good Good
Epoxy Resins Very Good Very Good
Dry Ethanol Very Good Very Good
Ethyl Ether Good Good
Ethylene Glycol Very Good Very Good
Formaldehyde Very Good Very Good
Formic Acid Very Good Very Good
Freon 11 Not Recommended Good
Freon 12 Not Recommended Good
Freon 21 Not Recommended Good
Freon 22 Not Recommended Good
Gasoline, Unleaded Not Recommended Very Good
Gasoline, Leaded Not Recommended Very Good
Glycerine Very Good Very Good
Hexane Not Recommended Good